Bad LOD 3D Tiles PointCloud using Octree

I am trying to visualize a pointcloud of about 19M points using 3D tiles, but I have run in a problem, where it seems that LOD is not working. Apparently there are few points when zoomed in and more when zoomed out.

The data structure that I have created is an octree, where points are (more or less) evenly distributed from the leaves to the root. The refine flag is "add". I'm using spheres as bounding boxes. Am i doing something wrong? if you want more videos or screenshots i can provide them.

Here is a small video that shows this awkwardness.


Are you sure the bounding volumes are correct? Did you visualize them with debugShowBoundingVolume and debugShowContentBoundingVolume?

Can you share a sample dataset? We could probably take a look at it, but it will be a few weeks since the FOSS4G NA conference is this coming week.


I have solved the issue, it was a problem in the data structure creation. Now everything works as expected.

Great work btw!

ps: It would be nice to have the possibility of specifying point size in the .pnts format

Hi Davide,

I’m glad you got it working. Point size as well as point size attenuation will be part of the format and/or Cesium implementation. Note that the pnts tile format will still undergo some changes, see #22.