Point cloud LOD - Cesium 3D Tiles from FME

Hi, I have exported a point cloud as Cesium 3D tiles from FME. I got a set of .pnts files and a tileset.json.

I’m facing two problems.

  1. Is there s way to specify LOD levels? Right now, everything is loaded at once.
  2. Points are jumping around. Very clear when you zoom in.

Demo: https://easydigital.se/pointcloud/

Any guidance would really be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @ariel,

on 1:
Sadly, the FME writer for Cesium points / 3dtiles is very rudimentary and doesn’t allow many features Cesium Ion does. For 3dtiles, you can create a attribute called “cesium_priority” which defines the order of rendering. I dont know, if this attribute is functional for the points writer, too.

on 2:
At least for me, everything is fine with your point cloud.

Best, Lennart

I will have closer look att the cesium priority attribute.

About the jumping points. Its only visible when zoomed in very closely.

Many thanks Lennart!


Thank you for the suggestion! @ariel be sure to reach out if you have any lingering questions or concerns.


As @lennart.imberg pointed out, the fme 3d-tiles transformer is very rudimentary. Did some tests with Agisoft Metashape with really promising results.



I am happy to hear that you have gotten some promising results with Agisoft Metashape.


@ariel Thanks for the info about Agisoft Metashape. I will do some testing, too.

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Great :+1: Please keep up posted!