FME 2017 Cesium 3D Tiles Writer working?

While searching the options how-to generate 3D tiles from 3D models stumbled at FME 2017.

Anyone try/test FME 2017 Cesium 3D Tiles Writer?

According to press release ( ),
generating Cesium compatible 3D tiles with FMR 2017 should be straightforward process ( not cheap ofc, but relatively easy and fast ).

Another interesting option is “Cesium 3D Point Cloud Reader/Writer”.

Since good things ( bad also ), comes in three, also was looking for a quantized-mesh writer, but no luck so far,
according to FME -


Hi Davor,

I don’t have any experience with FME, but the Cesium team is building 3D Tiles converters as part of (for example, see here and here). The converters are pretty far along but not yet integrated into the online platform.

If you have sample data we could test with, please send it my way,, and you’ll see what’s in the pipeline.

Also, note that supports quantized-mesh too.


Thanks for the reply Patrick,

I’ll see what I can do with FME ( in trial period ) …

General idea is to create 3D models by UAV’s with pix4d or Drone3Map sw and then publish it on web as 3D tiles, on top of the 3D topo map.


Hi Davor,

We have a pretty solid photogrammetry model tiler coming up in Email me,, and we can set you up if you want.