FME Model to 3D Tiles for Unreal


I’m trying to convert a Revit model to use within Cesium.JS plugin for Unreal.

It’s not displaying correctly, or at all within the template.

Some simple guidance would be extremely helpfull.

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Hi @Johan_Germishuys

Do you know if the Revit model create 3D Tiles format? If possible, can you please share the asset for debugging purpose? You can also send it to if it can’t be disclosed publicly


Revit does not support 3D Tiles format as far as I’m aware, if there is a process to follow to bring this into a 3D Tile format i’d like to try.

Hi @Johan_Germishuys,

It seems like FME is able to convert Revit model to 3D Tiles. They mention it on their website here Cesium 3D Tiles | Optimize Web Based 3D Models | FME. It maybe worth checking it out if it fits for your use case. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi, all. I’ve just started trying to use FME as part of my content creation flowline - and am having problems. Briefly, I started with some point features and converted them, in FME, into spheres before exporting them using FME’s 3D Tiles writer (I’m using the 2020 version of FME). This produced the required result, which I then imported into Ion. This, too, was successful, with the objects appearing in their proper place.

However, when I then try to import this tileset into Unreal, it throws up the following errors:

LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 0
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 0 done
LogCesium: Error: [2021-05-21 09:22:56.202] [error] [Tileset.cpp:141] Received status code 401 for asset response
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 464031
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 464031 done
LogCesium: Error: [2021-05-21 09:22:56.784] [error] [Tileset.cpp:743] Tile did not contain a geometricError

The tileset does seem to get imported, but is certainly not landing in the correct location.

Looking back through some of the comments, I see that there have been issues relating to ‘rtc_center’, within the b3dm files. I’m not really clued up on what this really means as yet. Could it be that the FME writer, too, is causing this issue?



hi @gbheathcote_os,

It seems like the FME tool produces incorrect tile format as tile requires to have geometricError which is used to decide which tile will display on the screen. I haven’t looked into CesiumJS source code, but I guess it defaults the geometricError to be 0.0 or a higher number than that. But in general, the asset is not specs compliant.