Best way to add a mini-2d Bing Map (not a camera) along with the 3d world

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I was wondering what is the best way to show in the unreal project a mini - 2d Bing Map that shows for e.g. your location with an icon (and be able to add more symbols etc). I have seen in the samples a mini-map that is basically a top view Camera, right? not a 2d Bing map. Is there an example anywhere?

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Level 7 in the Samples project (GitHub - CesiumGS/cesium-unreal-samples: Getting Started Sample Project for Cesium for Unreal) shows how to use a top-down 3D view as a minimap.

There’s nothing built-in to create a truly 2D minimap, so you’d have to develop that yourself. The raster overlay system in cesium-native could help with that, but it would still be a significant development effort.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much for the clear answer. I am wondering what would be the best / smart approach to create such a map to accompany the 3d world.
I was thinking if integrating /iframing html into unreal would be an easy solution. It would be great if anyone knows a relevant project/tutorial to integrate a Bing / Google / streetview map into unreal, separate from Cesium.

I would assume that would be a very common requirement for many projects - using 2d is much more efficient for planning, monitoring, adjusting the 3d world etc.

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Unreal does have a Chromium-based web browser widget, so that could be a workable (if heavy) solution. Beyond that, I don’t have much advice other than my previous statement that the cesium-native raster overlay system might be helpful.

Thanky you very much Kevin for your answer. i will look into it!