Best way to add a mini-2d Bing Map (not a camera) along with the 3d world

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I was wondering what is the best way to show in the unreal project a mini - 2d Bing Map that shows for e.g. your location with an icon (and be able to add more symbols etc). I have seen in the samples a mini-map that is basically a top view Camera, right? not a 2d Bing map. Is there an example anywhere?

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Level 7 in the Samples project (GitHub - CesiumGS/cesium-unreal-samples: Getting Started Sample Project for Cesium for Unreal) shows how to use a top-down 3D view as a minimap.

There’s nothing built-in to create a truly 2D minimap, so you’d have to develop that yourself. The raster overlay system in cesium-native could help with that, but it would still be a significant development effort.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you very much for the clear answer. I am wondering what would be the best / smart approach to create such a map to accompany the 3d world.
I was thinking if integrating /iframing html into unreal would be an easy solution. It would be great if anyone knows a relevant project/tutorial to integrate a Bing / Google / streetview map into unreal, separate from Cesium.

I would assume that would be a very common requirement for many projects - using 2d is much more efficient for planning, monitoring, adjusting the 3d world etc.

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Unreal does have a Chromium-based web browser widget, so that could be a workable (if heavy) solution. Beyond that, I don’t have much advice other than my previous statement that the cesium-native raster overlay system might be helpful.

Thanky you very much Kevin for your answer. i will look into it!

A few questions

  1. Any updates on this? We are looking to do the exact same thing. Essentially having a Minimap in the corner of our scene like it does on mobile, live updating. Ive attached the iPad version of that, but the phone version on the maps app has the square updated if I recall: we’d want that. Similar to what is in that level 7 demo scene, however is there a way to set the height by slider and have a maximum height limit similar to how you may zoom in and out scale. This would be to accomplish 2 things - a. to control how much the user can see around them in the Minimap. b. is to set a height limit so if the player exceeds it then they are not just seeing a

2 Alternatively if the camera height is just set to x amount above the player, if we could have it not be linear but exponential that would be a great way to represent that data. For example if they were at ground level, they may have the Minimap camera 100m height above their location. But if they fly 100m up it may be 500m above to get a better idea of where they are and where they can go. And if they are in low earth orbit, it may be an extra 1000m above their location to give the player a global sense of where they are. Is there a way to accomplish this?

  1. Is there also a way to toggle the 2d view as shown in the image (not necessary but would be helpful for the sake of traversal :slight_smile:
    Also is there a way to have google places data as in the Minimap as shown on the bottom half of the attached image? That would be fantastic!

4. We checked level 7, is there a way to have the earth turn according to where you are, it seems to stay stationary. Eg if you were in London then the earth would turn to have London in the centre on the satellite view. Then if you went to Sydney, it would turn to have Sydney in the centre.

  1. Also we notice in that scene there is a water shader on the water of the maps, is there a way to do so with the google cesium scene too?


Does anyone in the community know the answer to any of these questions, its night here so im headed to bed soon. But tomorrow we’re collaborating and will try to further the progress made here :slight_smile: