Best way to combine LAS & KML

I am looking for a way to combine a LAS point cloud with polyline and polygon vector files(SHP, KML, GeoJSON) in a 3D viewer. I have tried combining in Ion but the my vector files are coming in at 0 elevation. Is there a way to have them draped on top of the surface of the Cesium surface or the LAS surface? The odd thing is when i look at each vector file without the LAS file the vectors are on the surface. What can i do to correct this?

This should definitely be easy to do with CesiumJS and Cesium ion. I would upload the LAS file as a separate asset from the the KML/GeoJSON. You can then add them both to the same scene, and make sure to turn on clampToGround for the vector data.

If you’re already doing that and still running into issues, please share a Sandcastle ( code example of what you’re seeing. If you can’t share your data publicly you can send it to


Thank you for the response so quickly. I have put together the best that i could, but i believe i missing the portion of “clampToGround”.

I will email the hello world HTML that i saved out. and the link to see what i am seeing.

Thank you again.

Attached is the HelloWorld.HTML that I saved out.

Below is the code sample that I am working with. Again I believe I am lacking the “clamptoGround” portion to get it to work properly. I cannot get the link to the sandcastle to work in Outlook.


Hello World.html (3.81 KB)