Billboard horizontal and vertical origin

Dear all.
I'm using billboard to load some images on map.
I don't known how to set horizontalOrigin and verticalOrigin at any position ( i mean at (x,y) pixel) on image. Only can set at top, bottom, right, left, center of an image.
How can i set custom horizontal and vertical origin?


Can you describe a bit more what you’re trying to accomplish? If you’re simply trying to offset the position of the billboard, take a look at how this example uses the pixelOffset, eyeOffset etc.

Let me know if that helps.

This is my situation: I have one flag image (attach file). I add this image to billboard, but I want to place bottom of flag on ground. How can I set offset to reach this goal. I have one solution that is image processing, crop image before put it to billboard but it's not good idea.


I think I see what you’re saying. Here’s a Sandcastle example of a flag that’s pushed slightly into the ground using eyeOffset. It’s not ideal because the absolute distance changes based on the camera zoom. If you were to add this feature to CesiumJS, this is where it would go:

You can see here is where the origin is set. I think for now your best bet is cropping the image. What kind of application/project are you working on?

Thank for your reply.
I have done it by image processing. I’m working on GIS application.

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