BingRasterOverlay disabled after installing in-house security program

Utilizing the unreal engine CesiumForUnreal, I added a World Terrain ion Asset and made the Source a URL rather than From Cesium Ion. And the satellite image was created using the CesiumBingRasterOverlay component.
We are building and using the following web server with Node.js.
In the meantime, when using the in-house security program, only the TerrainTilset Asset is not activated.
There is no problem if you use the external network instead of the internal network. What I figured out is that when I send a token, it seems to call RasterOverlay with BingRestAPI… (personal opinion)
If that’s correct, if you activate any URL in Bing, we try to solve it by adding some URL to the security program of the company network.
(ex. https://www.bingmapXXX) Can you give me a hint what the problem is? It’s difficult.

Hi @yt1,

I don’t have a quick solution, unfortunately. There’s another forum thread that had a similar problem, but I don’t know how applicable it is to your situation: UE5 - Cesium World Terrain Tile Images not showing.