Bug? - cluster marker not showing up in correct position when zooming in

I have a sandcastle.

When starting up, there will be one cluster billboard (a square) and two regular billboards (rectangles).


As one zooms in the cluster is expanded and this situation appears:


The cluster marker which did make up three entities, now only holds two. The issue is that it has not moved. Zooming in further, so no cluster markers are needed, one will see:


And then zooming out, so the two close billboards become one cluster marker, looks like:


In this situation, the cluster marker is in the correct position. It is where the cluster marker should have shown up in image 2.

So, either…

  1. this is a bug, which I can report if it has not been
  2. there is some additional configuration necessary so the cluster marker will update it’s position correctly
  3. this behavior is expected. If it is expected, I am curious as to why…?

Hi there,

I think this is a bug with inconsistent clustering, which is documented on GithHub: Inconstant Cluster/Decluster zoom levels · Issue #5883 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub.

They do seem related.

Thanks, I’ll add your report to that issue.

Whoops, I see you already have. Thanks!