Clustering Questions

When clustering is enabled for billboard icons, the cluster image is displayed but the icons that are getting clustered are not disappearing.

Is this expected behavior? If so, how are we supposed to hide those. It’s unclear from the sandcastle example how this is done.

Also, is there a way to set the cluster icon outside of the clusterEvent?

Here is a sample sandcastle demonstrating the issue.

Toggle off the terrain provider, the cluster icon will show, but the two icons that should be clustered do not turn off.

If the terrain provider is on, the cluster icon does not show.

The grouped icons will turn off if setting the distanceDisplayCondition on the billboard, but that should be handled with clustering.

Hey Brian,

Thanks for putting together this Sandcastle example. I tried creating an even simpler example, just to see how the clustering works, and I noticed it wasn’t clustering until I added more entities (even though the clustering was set to have a min of 2). But the clustering seems inconsistent, so I opened an issue for it:

If it’s not a bug, hopefully we’ll get some answers on what the right way to use clustering is.