Build Failure PlaneTrack.cpp Tutorial

I received the following error relating to the PlaneTrack.cpp tutorial at the compute position in UE coordinates. Not sure what to do as this appears to be related to function not explicitly defined in the tutorial. I also received a bunch of compile warnings about using depreciated functions related to an older api. Is there an updated tutorial for the new API on UE5.3?

PlaneTrack.cpp:48:57: error: no member named ‘TransformLongitudeLatitudeHeightToUnreal’ in ‘ACesiumGeoreference’
glm::dvec3 UECoords = this->CesiumGeoreference->TransformLongitudeLatitudeHeightToUnreal(glm::dvec3(PointLongitude, PointLatitude, PointHeight));

It sounds like that tutorial is indeed out of date.

CesiumGeoreference.TransformLongitudeLatitudeHeightToUnreal has been replaced by TransformLongitudeLatitudeHeightPositionToUnreal

Will this get you by in the short term?

glm::dvec3 UECoords = this->CesiumGeoreference->TransformLongitudeLatitudeHeightPositionToUnreal(glm::dvec3(PointLongitude, PointLatitude, PointHeight));

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