Building dimensions from a 3D point cloud

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I'm new to Cesium and found it extremely interesting.
I am doing a project in my undergrad course and I was looking for a way to get the following things done.
     1. Convert 2D images to 3D
     2. From the 3D point cloud extract the dimensions of all buildings( by dimensions I mean
         base area and height of all buildings).

Could you please tell me if Cesium allows this?

Thank you
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I need to estimate the property tax of a locality.Get at least a first order approximate.

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I'm using Cesium 14.0 , Windows, Google Chrome

  1. What types of images are you converting from 2D to 3D? Is it a heightmap or something else?
  2. Cesium is primarily for visualization so it doesn’t extract information like that from a point cloud right now. You might want to look into using point cloud analysis libraries like pcl or pdal which contain feature detection filters. I haven’t personally used any so I can’t vouch for any one method.