Camera Clipping Plane - Far with high elevation

I modified the Cesium Denver VR example and added the Cesium World tiles (“1”) and changed the locomotion provider to “Enable Flying.” However, if I move upwards, even with the Camera Clipping plane set to 1-e30, I very quickly see the edge of the loaded tiles shrinking to be close around me. Is this expected? Shouldn’t Cesium change to lower resolution tile set and show me increased distance? I tried adding a Cesium Origin Shifting component to my XR Origin - but that didn’t seem to make any difference. Is there a different approach I should be implementing?

Unity seems to have a bug/feature/quirk where the far plane distance is only allowed to be 100,000 times the near plane distance. Unity allows us to set the value, but then ignores it. So setting the far plane to 1e30 is probably not doing too much if your near plane is small. Try increasing the near plane distance to 10, 100, or 1000 and see if that helps.

I’ve written a post on the Unity forum about this here:


That did the trick… seems like for the time being it could be worth adding logic to change the near plane to a bigger number as elevation gets higher… thanks!

We’re working on that in this PR:


Great - the one gotcha with this idea that occurred to me is if I try to make a UI close to my player, that would get clipped if the near clipping plane gets to far away. I suppose I can make the UI get farther and bigger - but that starts to seem overly complicated.

That could be a good use for Camera Stacking?

But yes, this is a really annoying Unity limitation.