Problem in play mode

Hi, i have a problem when i start the play mode, in my scene view, i have this :

which is fine but when i click on play, i have this one :

any idea about what can cause this ?

Hi @hugol,

Since you are viewing the globe from a large distance away, your camera may not be configured to handle the proper range of depth, so it may be clipping away parts of the globe. You can add a DynamicCamera from the Cesium quick add panel, which is a camera that automatically adjusts the near and far values of the clipping planes based on height from the globe. Alternatively, if you want to use your own camera, you can manually adjust the near and far clipping plane values.

Thanks, for the answer, yes i want to use my own camera but i’m not able to to set up correctly the camera, i have this for now :

Hi @hugol,

Your near clip plane needs to be increased, otherwise the range between the planes will be too big, which can result in precision issues.

What did you suggest because i already tried to move that but no effect

That probably is because of the values that you are trying. You might need to use the DynamicCamera to gauge how big your values should be. For example, these are the values of the camera as I zoom out from the Earth in play mode.

If you still can’t get it to work, then might I suggest laying multiple cameras on top of each other, like this tutorial describes. You’d just have to define their clipping planes so they build on each others ranges, e.g. 0.3 → 1000 for one camera, 1000 → 1000000 for another.

Ok i find something to make it works, i just reduced the scale of the terrain and all is fine, i put the scale at 0.0001 instead of 1