Can we improve 3D map visual

hello, our game is base on the real-world. user will enter coordinate and they can drive.

but the road seems to be not flat can we improve the road.
if the road is flat it will be easy to drive. I’m using Cesium3DTileset for 3D map

if possible I want to improve all map visuals like building and road… etc

You’d have to get real-world data that contains flatter roads, then. There’s no way to modify tileset geometry when loading them in Unity, or any of our runtime engines for that matter.

It looks like you’re using Google Maps Photorealistic 3D Tiles – you can provide feedback to Google about their product on this page, using the “Send Feedback” button. Otherwise, you would have to find or procure the desired data yourself.

yes, I’m using google maps API, but I can move for other options if you suggest, and also I can use offline maps or cesium maps API, we just want to improve maps graphics and visual with the real-world data.

also we can use paid maps if it will give us expected graphics.

Hi @Piyush_Ydv, have a look at Photorealistic drone data on demand. Here is an example of Zurich: DEMO_ZURICH_Optimized_Quality_0.2km2 - NIRA

How to use nomoko? have any idea?