Cannot view 3D Tileset properly


I am facing a weird issue when I try to drag the 3D Tileset, suddenly it moves to another part of the globe. Is this a bug or I need a specific configuration in dealing with this issue.

Aside from dragging, when I try to Zoom the loaded 3D Tileset, it suddenly jumps to another part of the globe.

Hope someone can help me.


Hi @iramgelb,

Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing this issue!

I’d love to learn a little bit more about how you are adding your 3D Tileset to your scene. Could you possibly share a sandcastle demo that highlights the issue?

If I can reproduce this issue locally, the next step would be to turn to GitHub and check if we have already documented this hiccup.

All the best,


I just repositioned my point cloud and the issue goes away. Must have something to do with my data?