Tile Loading Issue

Good Evening,

We're currently working on the integration of a pointcloud viewer into our application. We've chosen cesium, for it suits our needs the most. However, when inspecting the pointclouds in the browser we noticed that some tiles are not loaded, although from a user's point of view they should be. Zooming in and out relocates the problem. The following links contain collections of screenshots which visualize this issue. The pointcloud itself is definitely not the issue, and the tiles we generate should be fine as well.

Scenes with supposedly missing tiles:

Zooming in does not, or only sparesely, trigger loading of the more detailed tiles unless you zoom in very far. But even then only a few are loaded, while the rest stays the same:

In these screenshots you see that some cells (in the middle of the scene) are very sparse compared to the cells around them. The geometric error suggests that there are missing tiles and the points we see come from a higher level in the quadtree which is used to split the scene.

Also when zooming out so that the pointcloud covers roughly a quarter of the screen, it vanishes abruptly.

Can you provide us with some pointers on what might be the issue?
We can provide additional information, if needed.

Thank you very much.

For anyone else following, the conversation is continuing here: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/5524