Cartographic Polygons for unity

Hi, is there away to cut out or hide parts of the terrain in Unity. like using the Cartographic Polygons in Unreal.


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We plan to add it eventually, but don’t have a definite timeline for it currently. In the meantime you can create a custom material that masks out part of a model. The main downside is that tiles entirely within the masked-out area will still be loaded.

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Hi, could you elaborate a bit more on how to make this mask material that works for the cesium world terrain?

I describe how to create such a material in the second post in this PR:

The PR itself actually adds the ability to exclude tiles completely, so that may be useful to you as well. Hopefully it will be included in our early April release.

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I second this request.
Thank you for your hard work!

Hi Cesium team.

Do you have any updates on Cartographic Polygons for Unity? . Thanks

We still have an open issue tracking this need,