Cash or save loaded map for small area

Hello there,
I am using unreal engine and Cesium. I have been faced with a problem which is when I open my unreal project, Cesium map must be connected to the internet, while I want to work with a very small area.
Is there any solution to save or cash this special area and use it without internet connection?
assume that I have seen Adding Datasets – Cesium but it talks about add 3D Tileset in offline mode, that is not my problem. I want to save or cash “cesium world terrain +Bing Maps Aerial Imagery” for small area.
any help:))

We’re interested in enabling such use-cases in the future, but it’s currently not possible. On the Bing side in particular it’s quite challenging because that’s a violation of Microsoft’s terms of use.

Imagery aside, though, it is currently possible to license (all of) Cesium World Terrain from us for offline use. Please contact our sales folks if you might be interested: Contact – Cesium

Thank you very much for your response @Kevin_Ring
I will contact with sales department.
: - *