Cesium 0.10 Release Issue

Hello Cesium Omniverse Community!

I tried 0.10 release in USD Composer, everything is fine but when I try to Isaac Sim, extension is not work. Actually I can not enable in extension window.

How can I enable in Isaac Sim?

Hi @sahincan,

From 0.8.0 onwards, Cesium for Omniverse requires Kit 105 or greater. Unfortunately, the latest versions of Isaac Sim published in the Omniverse Launcher have not been updated and still use Kit 104.2.

You could try downgrading to the 0.7.0 version of Cesium for Omniverse, which was the last version to support Kit 104 applications.

As soon as a newer version of Isaac Sim becomes available with Kit 105 support, we’ll test for compatibility with the latest versions of Cesium for Omniverse


I have just performed a test and release 0.7.0 is loading Cesium World Terrain as expected in Isaac Sim 2022.2.1