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Does the Cesium extension for Omniverse support any Omniverse Apps other than USD Composer ?

@keith_schumacher Omniverse is modular so our extension can work with most Omniverse applications, however it does depend on the underlying version of Kit used by the app. More information can be found in our guide here: Adding Cesium for Omniverse to Omniverse Applications – Cesium

Thank you @ryan_veenstra

Hi @ryan_veenstra,

[It’s good to see you active on the forums. It’s been a while since we caught up!]

I am unable to get the Cesium extension to load within Omniverse Code (2023.3.3). It says that it has “Failed to solve all extension dependencies”. Please refer to the screenshot. I don’t have any visibility on which dependencies have failed so unable to diagnose the issue,

Note: I have Cesium working within “Composer” and would like to have it working with “Code” also. Is that possible?

Hi @paulkouppasblink,

I don’t have Code 2022.3.3 installed currently, however I’d suggest it will be using an older version of Kit that isn’t compatible with the latest Cesium for Omniverse extensions given the 2022.x version is quite old now.

If you download Code 2023.1.1 (available under the Beta tab of the OV Launcher) you should be able to use Cesium for Omniverse 0.16.0 as it appears to be running on Kit 105.1.

If you still need to use the older version of Code, you’ll need to determine which version of Kit it is using (usually available in Help > About, and scan our releases here for a supported version. You’d need to go back to 0.10.0 for Kit 105.0 support, and 0.7.0 for Kit 104 support.

There is also some more information on Kit compatibility in these articles. Hope that helps!

@ryan_veenstra - Many thanks for the quick reply and the amazing support!

On your recommendation, I installed the latest version of Code (at the time of writing is 2023.1.1 - Beta). This version has Kit v 105.0.2 which (as you suggested) is supported in Omniverse v0.10.0. I removed the newer version and replaced it with v0.10.0 and on launching Code can activate the Cesium extension and get it working.

Thank you again!