Cesium Blender Upload Issue

I have just started using Cesium as I want to easily get my Blender objects into Omniverse as the USD converter does not always give the best results.

However when following the example of how to upload to cesium ion with blender, I can’t even upload the “Cube” from the example. I do not get an error or anything, I press upload and nothing happens except the messages “Uploading Output” but blender does not launch the web browser where I should upload to Cesium.

I’m working on Blender 3.6.5

I apologize that the plugin is not working correctly. I have opened an issue with our team and will keep you updated on the status.

In the mean time, please export the objects from Blender as an OBJ (or any other format that Cesium ion supports) and upload them using the ion website. That should allow you to have your objects tiled and hosted on Cesium ion.

The current Cesium Blender add-on is version 1.0.0
It only works with Blender version 2.80 to 2.93 LTS.
I’ve personally tried it with Blender 4.1.1, 3.6 LTS and 2.93 LTS.
Only 2.93 LTS works.

this is a breadcrumb for future lost souls