Cesium Ion Blender Plugin Login Issue

I am trying to use the Cesium Ion plugin for Blender to export a 3D model as a tileset. I have downloaded the Cesium Ion Plugin V1.0 for Blender and I am using Blender version 3.1.2. I am able to enable the Cesium Ion plugin, but when I try to login it takes me to a web browser where I can click allow. After clicking allow nothing happens and the plugin status still says “disconnected”. Am I missing something here?

Hi, we are sorry you are having trouble with this plugin.

  • Are you able to log into the ion website directly using your web browser?
  • Can you tell us what country you are located in? (you can email support@cesium.com and reference this issue if you don’t want to post publicly)

You must use version 2.83 and earlier to use the pluggin. It has not been updated for newer versions of blender - unfortunately.