Cesium crashes the engine when entering Play mode with multiple levels

Hi, I have 2 different maps.
1 with Cesium
1 with a landscape, materials, meshes ect -

Both of these run fantastic individually in play mode - but when I run them together the engine enters a forced crash…
As a sidenote I am using Virtual Textures on my landscape, I don’t know if this is relevant.

‘‘Loading tileset for asset ID 1 done’’
Is the last written in the log.


I’ve figured out which level (I have multiple streaming) was causing the issue so I can rule out Virtual Textures being the problem.
The weird thing is this level is nothing out of the ordinary and I’m very confused as to why it keeps crashing when that specific level is streamed…

Hi @HermanJarl,

Can you provide a list of every actor present in the level that is causing the crash? If we can narrow it down to a specific actor it could help a lot in fixing this issue.