Cesium ease of use for the NASA Intentional Space Apps Challenge

We all agree that Cesium will be really useful for many of the Intentional Space Apps Challenges. To be most effective, we need to ensure all participants are empowered to use Cesium. This means continuing to improve our ease of use, in particular, making the barrier to entry approach zero.

Specifically, I believe we need to:

The result is new developers will be able to create a Cesium app by writing a few lines of code that reference the CDN-hosted Cesium.js.

I can do the CDN hosting and write the tutorial, but we still need to tackle the first two items.


Anyone want to take me up on following through on these ease-of-use efforts?


Scott did initial work on a simple widget in the cesium-widget branch. I’ve also made some modifications to that branch as well. I think we can get it cleaned up and ready by the end of the month (if not by the end of the week). I’m going to spend most of today working on it.