Cesium for Unreal Engine currently broken for me

For some reason, nothing works for me right now. If I use the default Cesium Aerial Bing, I get an extremely low LOD Earth with no additional loading.

Google Earth doesn’t work either. On a complete blank level with the basic add of SunSky and Aerial Bing Maps, this is all I get. I thought maybe something broke, so I waited some time, and there was another update I noticed today and still I had no result.

Any reason why this may happen?

Edit: Using a source 5.3.2 build
Edit 2: the sample project works with the source build. It must be my project. Its a huge project and switching to another is not an option. It must be project specific.


I’m not sure why that would happen, but I’d start by running through the usual checklist:

  1. Are there any messages in the Output Log?
  2. Since you’re using a build from source, does it happen with the official version of the plugin installed from the Unreal Marketplace?
  3. Does it happen in the Cesium for Unreal Samples project?

The output log in its entirety:

“LogEditor: Attempting to add actor of class ‘Cesium3DTileset’ to level at 0.00,0.00,0.00
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 0
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 0 done
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 1
LogCesium: Loading tileset for asset ID 1 done”

The marketplace plugin with the sample project in a binary build works.
Using my source build recompiling the marketplace plugin and opening the sample project in my source build also works.

So it must be relevant to my project itself. Although it used to work fine

In what context is it not working in your project? In the normal Editor viewport? In Play-in-Editor mode? In a built game? All of the above?

All of the above.

I noticed because I use Cesium as background and in a build, there was no background anymore. So I started to debug in the project and noticed it just doesn’t work anymore, and discovered the hyper low LOD.

Any potential Config setups necessary or settings that can break it? I am on 5.3.2 and its a cross platform game, so this project is very heavily customized. Seems something when upgrading from 5.2 to 5.3.2 broke, although I updated the plugin as well.

Maybe I need to rebuild the project instead of just build. I will try that. I’ve used Cesium for Unreal extensively, and this is the first time I have experienced this :open_mouth:

Weird because the same source build with the sample project compiled for C++ works.

(Also I know holiday break starts soon, so if I don’t figure this out until the New Year, that’s fine by me, I just was attempting a fix again now, its not urgent)

Well, my first guess when there’s an LOD problem is that Cesium for Unreal is, for some reason, unable to obtain the correct camera parameters (position, orientation, field-of-view angle, window width/height). But I don’t know why that would happen in your case. I suggest stepping through the GetCameras function and see if the view parameters look correct. Beyond that, I think we’ll need to have some detailed and precise steps for reproducing the problem ourselves before we’ll be able to help you with it.

I fixed this by copy/pasting the values from the Cesium Ion Server asset in the sample: CesiumIonSaaS into the Cesium Ion Server: CesiumIonSaaS in my own project. I also had to disable “Enable Experimental Occlusion Culling Feature” in the Cesium section of Project Settings.

I have messed with the tokens endlessly within the UI, confirmed they are working, making new ones, etc, however manually updating the tokens in this asset actually did the trick though.