Cesium Google 3D Tiles only seen in left eye

Hi, I am currently developing a research project with the Cesium Plugin and the Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles. I got it set up, however, when running the app on my Quest 2 I only see the tiles in the left eye. Online I have found sources saying this is a shader issue. If I apply a different Opaque material to the renderer (for example a white material with the shader fix included), I do see it in both eyes. However, this shader fix is code based, and I have noticed that the cesiumdefault shaders are graph based. Do you know what is going on? Thanks in advance

Hi @Fannollost, welcome to the community!

We have a known issue with rendering in Vulkan on the Quest 2, but it seems like your issue is a bit different. Could you share the shader fix you used to make the material work? That may give us insight into the true culprit of the problem.

Thank you for the report!

i had this issue with the hololens 2 using the built-in render pipeline and i had to make my own shaders.
Are you using built-in or URP?