Quest 3 Artifacts on left Eye

I´m trying to build for quest 3 but I am getting some weird artifacts on the left eye, I believe it is the Cesium watermark, as I don´t see it on the build but I do see it on the Editor.

is there anything we can do to remove this or render it correctly?

Also, the performance is pretty low, I am just rendering 2 tiles using Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles but I am getting under 50 FPS, Are there some specific settings for Quest when using Unity? I noticed a guide for building for Quest with Unreal but not for unity.

Have you tried the Cesium for Unity Samples project? It has an example level for VR.

@pedreror1 I have found a solution to the problem of green bars being displayed on the left eye. You have to change in Project Settings >> Other Settings >> Graphic API to use OpenGLES3 instead of Vulcan (remove the Vulcan from the list).

I reported the issue with more details here Problems with left eye rendering on Quest 2/3 with Vulcan api · Issue #388 · CesiumGS/cesium-unity · GitHub

Thanks for this!