Cesium height is off with default values

Hi all…

I started developing a cesium for unreal project. Things were going good until I started playing around with the DynamicPawn. Not sure what I have done to my project but, my cesium height is WAY off now.

I have completely removed the plugin from my project, rebuilt all C++ files/project. Brought cesium back in. Dragged new cesium objects into my scene… But, when i drag in the new cesium objects, the Georeference, even though it is set to the default values has a height that is easily at the edge of space. Not even in play mode, just edit mode.

Just to try and compare, I created a new cesium project from scratch… Everything looks fine there.

Does cesium have some kind of local cache that is specific to a given project, and if so, where and how do I delete them?

When I deleted all cesium from the project, I was left with only a single Blueprint in my scene. When I brought in Cesium, I removed all default lighting etc… Only things I had was cesium objects and one blueprint. Which, at design time, would not have any impact on cesium.

UE 5.2
Cesium version, latest that is up on the UE market place. In fact, just updated it today.

Since I was stuck, I had to recreate my project again. Luckly it was not that hard.
I got everything back to where it needed to be and things were working…

BUT… As soon as I added in the Dynamic Pawn, my project went crazy again… I did not make any changes to it or any other cesium objects. Just clicked the + icon for the Dynamic Pawn in the UE Cesium panel.

I launched the PIE, and immediately the Dynamic Pawn started flying straight up the Z axis. I stopped play mode and my geo reference was in the wrong place again.

I removed all cesium references in my scene added them back in, but just like last time, no luck. Everything is out of place.

This is a common problem, and there should even be a warning in your log informing you about it. You need to disable “Enable World Bounds Check” in your World Settings. With that enabled (which is sadly the default in Unreal), an object that moves far from the origin will have the behavior you’re describing.

Your georeference isn’t changing through any of this, but the pawn position is, and then the Editor viewport moves to where the pawn is when you stop play-in-editor. So you end up with huge coordinates for the Editor viewport camera position. Fixing that is simple, though. Just double-click an object in the World Outliner that’s near the origin, and the viewport will jump back there. If you don’t have a suitable object, add a cube to the world and set its Location to (0,0,0), then double-click it.

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Thanks Kevin, really appreciate it!