cesium in a data analysis tool

Moin moin,

I'm a student from Kiel. Currently, I work with a fellow student on a student - project to visualize sensor data from a drone. We use qt and cpp to program a software that allows the user to convert a .csv file from the drone to a .czml file. On the gui, there's a widget (Qwebview) with the cesium web page. In this, the user can drag&drop the .czml files which are listed next to the widget.

To this point, all is well.

Next, we have an analysis algorithm that shows the data on a line chart like a rate on stock market. Our goal is a function which allows the user to click on a value (in which a point with coordinates is deposited) in the line chart and the cesium web page in the widget (Qwebview) jumps to this point without losing the points from the .czml file which where already entered.

Currently, we resolved this problem with the searchbar on the cesium web page. The coordinates from the point clicked by the user are submitted to the widget and filled in into the searchbar.

It is little bit dirty, because on the cesium web page this tool needs two clicks (don't ask me why. I've searched for it a bunch of time. On other pages, it needs only one click to fill in and to select enter). I am hoping, I can solve it with a url or something similar.

Do any of you guys have an idea?

greatings Rick