cesium.js + Openflight

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Hi all,

How can we integrate (use) Openflight with cesium.js. I mean how can we show (for example) all airports (with some other information) on the cesium.js.


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Hey Maryam,

This sounds like a cool project! If OpenFlights has some sort of API to request data from it, you can just take that and for example create an entity or a billboard for each airport. I think this is a pretty common application of Cesium, here’s one I recently saw:

I can’t see if OpenFlights has an API to request data, but it does look like you can export the data. Cesium can consume a variety of data sources like GeoJSON, KML and CZML. It looks like this blog talks about how to export OpenFlight data to KML, which you can then use in Cesium:

Yes, it is :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help.