Cesium screen not rendering

Randomly I have noticed my cesium application to show a messed up screen. How can I prevent this?

Hi @rpereira1

Could you provide more information about what you have loaded in your scene? A Sandcastle would be sufficient. Does this happen only when you run CesiumJS? Do other pages that use WebGL work correctly? For example, could you try some of the links here? This also looks like it may potentially be a hardware/driver issue, so could you please share your WebGL report?


I do not think its related to the use case as I have seen it happen in sandcastle at times. I also noticed when it happens in cesium it happens on the link you wanted me to test out. It seems to randomly happen. At first, I thought it was because I had multiple cesium maps up at a time but that is not the case. A single tab with the cesium map can cause the issue.

my webgl report:

Screen capture of the behavior on the link you provided. Interesting that only the background shows the issue.

I don’t seem to be getting this issue after upgrading my OS.

@rpereira1 Any luck if you request WebGL 2? Like in this sandcastle example for example .