Cesium talk at Dalhousie University 10/31

On October 31, Johna Latouf will speak on “Visualizing AIS Fishing Activity with Datashader and Cesium” as part of the Dalhousie University’s Big Data Seminar Series. The Big Data Seminar Series consists of research talks given by students or research personnel at the Institute for Big Data Analytics, or by some of their visitors. Covering a wide range of research, the goal of these talks is to share knowledge and expertise and to inspire innovative thinking. The talk will be at 1:30 pm in the Slonim Conference Room.


In this talk, I will discuss the second iteration of the Fisheries Observation Tools application, developed by The Institute for Big Data Analytics, which combines the Datashader and Cesium libraries to visualize fishing vessel activity on a 3D globe. Datashader (https://github.com/bokeh/datashader) is an open source Python library developed by Continuum Analytics that generates 2D heat maps for very large datasets for use with the Bokeh plotting library. Cesium (https://cesiumjs.org) is a JavaScript library developed by The Cesium Consortium that uses WebGL to apply map tiles and imagery to a globe. This presentation will describe how Datashader image data is used to produce heat map imagery in Cesium and how Cesium’s animation system is used to display and filter vessel movement using Automatic Identification System (AIS) data indexed in Solr.