Cesium Terrain location missmatch

Hi I tried to important datasmith model into unreal which has exact world coordinates. But the model doesn’t seating on the correct location of Cesium Terrain. Please help

Hi @Suresh_manikam,

How large is the location mismatch? If it’s a short distance, you can use the Unreal Engine transform tools to move the tileset to the correct location. If it’s more off, you may want to use a tool like Cesium ion to adjust the location of your tileset.


Hi Alex thanks for your time. Iam using datasmith file not tileset. My datasmith file has been modeled with respect to BNG Coordinates but while importing in unreal using Datasmith plugin it doesn’t placing on correct lat long of Cesium Terrain instead placing on origin of cesium or unreal.

Hi Suresh,

You could set the world georeference to the correct coordinates for your model by selecting the Georeference actor in the World Outliner and setting the Origin Longitude, Origin Latitude, and Origin Height parameters.
Or, if you’ll need to be changing the georeference during play, you could try adding a Globe Anchor component to your model, and setting the Globe Anchor’s longitude, latitude, and height to the correct coordinates - that should place the model correctly on the globe.

Let me know if either of those solve this problem.


I tried all methods you mentioned When I entered lat and long in CesiumAnchor it moving to the correct location but this process will leads to change model transform my concern is not to change model transform it should load automatically to the location.

Hello @Suresh_manikam,

Please correct me if I am mistaken, since I have not tried out datasmith. I think the datasmith import workflow cannot know the semantics of your input coordinate system reference right? Unreal engine as well as datasmith have no concept of geolocating, so importing it will not automatically place the model at the correct location in the Cesium world. In order to correctly place models, you will need to pipe your custom geolocation into Unreal, translate it into ECEF, and use that location in the CesiumGlobeAnchorComponent that you add to the model. You can do this manually of course, but it may be possible to write a blueprint or some code to do it automatically depending on if you can send extra, custom information (in this case the BNG coords) when importing through datasmith.

Let me know if you have further questions.

-Nithin Pranesh

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