Cesium Tile converted from ESRI shapefile through FME is bellow the ground level in 3D Terrain basemap

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

I am an ESRI user, i wanted to convert a shape file to a Cesium 3D Tile but it took hours without any promising result.
I am trying to make a 3D model of few buildings with each floor having its own attributes. Can i make it in Cesium?

I want to know about few things.

  1. My shape file coordinate system, do i need a projected coordinate system or the geographic?

  2. I used FME Workbench 2020 to convert my shape file to a 3D tile and extruded the height. Is it the right way?

  3. In ArcGIS Pro i can give base height and height of the building floor separately but in FME extruder i can only select one attribute column. My height column has values like 20 feet for each floor. and my base height column has values with intervals of 20 feet starting from zero. The building is about 6500 feet above mean sea level. Do i need to put the absolute height values starting from sea level for each floor?

  4. I made a Cesium 3D tile by giving base height column in extruder, 0-100 feet for 5 floors with 20 feet gap, but it goes inside the globe/ below the surface, when i select 3D Terrain base map. In simple 2D base map it appears fine.

3D Cesium Tile at 3D Terrain/Base Map:

Please assist me, i will be grateful.

Floor wise Buildings in ArcGIS:

3D Cesium Tile at 2D Base Map:

I think the easiest way would be if you can export CityGML or KML/COLLADA from FME, and upload that to Cesium ion.

Both of those would allow you to have per-feature metadata (like each floor or building) that you can then highlight, or filter and color etc. Iā€™m not an expert on the FME side of things (may be best to ask in the FME community for that?) but Iā€™m happy to help answer anything on the Cesium side of things.