Cesium tile sets render black inside Meta Quest headsets

I’m trying to bring up a project on the Quest headsets. All terrain tiles render BLACK when running natively on the headset. Running on the PC renders fine. I’ve uploaded an example project that exhibits this issue. I’ve rebuilt the project from the ground up several times seeing if I can figure out if there’s a combination of settings that causes this but haven’t found any.

Sample project: GitHub - john-terrell/CesiumQuest (uses the Meta XR plugin)

Any ideas?


I’m having the same issue. Terrain renders perfectly in preview or in a windows build, but just renders black on android build for quest.

Did you manage to resolve this?

I didn’t. I was directed to pull logs off the device but that didn’t show anything amiss. I talked with folks at Cesium but they don’t have any Quests to repro on.


I have also seen the same thing. Seen it with local tilesets and when using Cesium ION datasets.

I’m having the same issue, i can see the skyline of buildings but they are black, only if i run the app on oculus quest 3.


Same issue. Please share if you figured out the problem.

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Same issue I am having

Thanks everyone. I’ve contacted Cesium about this and pointed them at this thread. Hopefully they can get access to a headset to debug this.

I’ve opened an issue on Github as I really need a solution on this matter.

@CodeBangZoom I’ve used the link of your sample project, hope that’s okay.

Just left a comment to this effect in the above issue, but to keep the thread in sync, I’ve managed to replicate this issue on a Quest 2 using the sample project you’ve provided. I’ll be sure to post in this thread when we’ve found a fix, but be sure to follow the GitHub issue if you want to stay updated on its progress!

Thanks Ashley!

@CodeBangZoom Just merged a fix for this into cesium-unreal! Please give the latest changes from the GitHub repo a try and let me know if it solves your problem.

Super duper! Thanks Ashley. I’ll give it a go tomorrow.