Cesium Unreal VR package for quest 2 Unreal 5.0 // Error

I tried to package the Cesium for Unreal VR Tutorial v1.5 Latest. With the BuildForQuest map. I keep on getting this error:
LogPlayLevel: Error: LogInit: Display: LogProperty: Error: FStructProperty::Serialize Loading: Property ‘StructProperty /Game/CesiumVRTutorial/SavedLocations/Blueprints/BP_TutorialSaveGame.BP_TutorialSaveGame_C:SavedLocations.SavedLocations’. Unknown structure.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Hi @jsaarane,

Thanks for letting us know about that error. I’ve been able to reproduce and fix it, and opened a pull request for it here: Fix packaging error by xuelongmu · Pull Request #44 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal-vr-tutorial · GitHub

It will be in the main branch soon, but in the meantime you can replicate the same fix by following what I did as described in my pull request. Hope that helps!