Cesium webpage with blazor

Hello team,

Do you have a WASM(Blazor) webpage build with Cesium 3D globe in it. I tried to create a razor page with cesium but has been unscusseful. it looks like razor pages doesn’t accept JavaScript.

what other Visual Studio Web project template will be ideal to develop a webpage with cesium?

  1. ASP.Net Web Core
  2. ASP.Net Web Core MVC
  3. Blazor
  4. Angular

Please note that I am beginner in web development


Hey @libish :wave:

If you would like to try Angular and Cesium you can find more details on how to set up both in this article. Although it’s a bit outdated, it will give you a basic idea of how Cesium can work with Angular. However, the accompanying repository of the blog post is fully up to date GitHub - Developer-Plexscape/cesium-angular-example: An example application using Cesium with Angular..

I hope that the above resources will help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank You Aristeidis,

I shall look into it.

I am more of a C# .NET programmer so I am more inclined to use Blazor, MVC etc. Because my full application will have a lot of other codes which requires to use C# dlls.


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