Request for Visual Studio Cesium demo project with TS

I would love if there is a github maybe with minimal import into the all new hype train “Blazor” client side project of Cesium (maybe TypeScript based import ).

Is this the Blazor project you’re referring to?

It looks like you may need to use their JS interop in order to call JavaScript libaries like CesiumJS:

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Well… I know what is the case with Blazor, but I were hoping for a some minor example eventually of best integration approach.

I’ve been using CesiumJS to migrate some of my projects from google earth. The more I use Cesium, the more I discover its amazing potential and WebGL. Kudos to the CesiumJS development team.

Imagine if I can build a CesiumJS WASM using Blazor for desktop and mobile across multiple platforms and at the same time protect all of my intellectual properties and logic.


Thank you for your kind words! Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


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