Cesium Workshop in ClojureScript now!

Dear Cesium users!

Cesium Workshop ClojureScript implementation in simpro-scene IDE published on the project page. See screecast: Cesium Lesson 1.



Very cool to see the CesiumJS API in a functional language! Did this require making any changes to the library? What would someone need to do if they wanted to use this?

From the Cesium distribution used only “Cesium-1.68/Build/Cesium” folder unchanged. Simplest way to use this stuff, is to “git clone” simpro-scene project from Github and follow screencast. Also, you can use common Clojure IDE-s like emacs or Clojure plugins to Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ and the like. In that case you should copy sources from “src/cljs/workshop” folder of the simpro-scene project on Github and build a ClojureScript project in accordance with docs of these plugins.

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