Cesium World Partition Support

Hi there,

is there any planned timeline to bring World Partition support into Cesium?

I mean the depreciated approach (with level loading) that is used now is not really worth a lot for UE5+

Cheers Claude

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Bump… and hints regarding this topic?

No, sorry, we don’t currently have a timeline that we can share.

Any update? Will World Partition will be supported with Cesium in Unreal?

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bump! Would be great to have an overview if this is being explored / developed at the moment

We’re starting to look at it. Initial indications are that World Partition uses a 2D grid and is therefore unsuitable for use on a globe. But I just opened a PR to stop it from crashing, at least:


very much expectation for supponting for worldpartition~

Is the “2D grid on a 3D world” situation not a problem for you?

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