CesiumJS 1.62 Release

Hello everyone,

We’re starting the CesiumJS 1.62 release process and it will be out later today.



CesiumJS 1.62 has been released: https://cesium.com/blog/2019/10/01/cesium-october-release/

After downloading I ran into permissions issues that don’t normally occur.

I discovered that the permissions on the /Build directory were 700 instead of the usual 775. Once I changed them to 775 then everything worked fine.

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Thanks for pointing this out Matt. I guess you ran into it because part of your process is having a user different from the folder owner try to read it?

It looks like the gulpfile does try to set the correct file mode here:

But I can confirm running makeZipFile will create a build folder with read/write permission only for the owner.

Is there somewhere to view a list of closed issues for this release? Thank you.

The change log has a list of all the pull requests, which each should link to the issues they close: