CesiumPy in Jupyter Notebook

Thought I’d share a little discovery I made not too recently.

Some folks on this forum have posted in the past about a desire to take CesiumJS and use it within the context of a Jupyter (formerly iPython) Notebook.

Awesome Idea !! I use Jupyter all the time when “doodling” with data, but I’m kind of a “hack” when it comes to actually making the libraries I would use.

In fact, I should give proper kudos to Petrus, Massimo, (again), (all are links to Cesium Forum posts) and a few others for discussing the idea in earlier posts. Some even went so far as to start projects of their own!

Well, it appears that {@sinhrks} has gone and done a fantastic job of making that goal easier for all of us out there. He’s recently been working on a project he calls “CesiumPy” which you can find here: https://github.com/sinhrks/cesiumpy

The docs do a better job of showcasing what’s possible so be sure to check them out here: http://cesiumpy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html and of particular note are the examples relating to Pandas, which I use a LOT because my line of work deals quite a bit with timeseries.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the progress of the project, and it looks like it’s coming together very nicely, so I fired up pip and pulled it down.

(Some of you might appreciate what came next)

So, having played around with it a bit last night, with some good
success, and finally hit a Eureka! moment.

I jumped up, ran downstairs, and excitedly babbled to my wife:
“Honey, Quick! Come look! I just processed a timeseries in Pandas, and made an extruded polyline wall and, {gasping for breath} OMG! I just plotted it all, ON. A. GLOBE. !!! You gotta see this !!”

Evidently whatever was on CBS was more thrilling than that, ‘cause she rolled her eyes and commented that we’d be switching me to decaf after 5pm.

I still think it’s cool, so that’s why I shared it with everyone. :wink:

When I have a proper Notebook that’s doing more than just some poking around with the API, I’ll share it.

Hey Cesium core group, thoughts on having a Demo’s page that caters to Jupyter Notebooks leveraging Cesium ? :wink:

You’d start driving the scientific community that uses Notebooks this way, and you know how scientists LOVE to (re)tweet about data…

Congrats to @sinhrks for some awesome work bringing CesiumJS to the Notebook-using masses !! I look forward to seeing more Notebooks with {CesiumPy inside} here or elsewhere on the web!!

BTW his blog:http://sinhrks.hatenablog.com/ has some very cool examples of data processing and visualizations that folks who like that kind of thing should check out. (I just wish I had the time to learn how to read Japanese Kanji without piping it through Google’s Translator)

Cheers !


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I was wondering if there was an example of cesiumpy in a Jupiter notebook that used slider bars to modify the map after it has been loaded?