Github Data Challenge II

There’s definitely a play for Cesium in the Github Data Challenge II I’m trying to come up with some non-obvious, but awesome map/globe based visualization. I would love to say I’ll carve out some time for this, but that’s not a guarantee yet. Might make for a cool weekend hack, or hack-a-thon project if anyone on the list is interested. What do you guys think? Anyone have any cool ideas?

I agree this is a great idea - right inline with our developer outreach discussion.

Did you look closely at the data? Is anything, like users, commits, or projects, georeferenced? I could imagine seeing the growth of a project over time by committers, the number of lines written in all projects by country over time, the number of projects on github over time, and so on.


Unfortunately, after looking at their data; it doesn’t look like any of it is geo-referenced (at least I’m 95% sure that’s the case). I guess in this day and age I just assumed it would be. Interesting enough there are some git plug-ins available that do geo-reference commits as you make them, but that doesn’t exactly help us here.

GitHub is doing their Data Challenge again this year. This is a great opportunity to show off your Cesium skills and gain some exposure for yourself and Cesium.

Although their data is not georeferenced, most github users provide their city so that can be used with a geocoder for lots of interested visualizations.

Sorry for the late notice, but entries are due midnight PDT on August 25. That is probably enough time to do something interesting.

Let us know if you participate.