CesiumWorldTerrain lighting issues


Following on this issue where I’ve been redirected to this forum.
Do I need to implement a QuantizedMeshTerrainData or is there an easier workaround ?
Thank you !

Hi @JeremiahD,

Welcome to the community! Have you experimented with modifying the time of day? This often has a significant impact on the lighting of the scene and might be a quick fix to your lighting issue.



There is no problem with the model lighting, only the custom tiles (that have been flattened) lighting. The rest of the scene is working just fine as you can see on the GitHub issue that I made. I don’t see an easy way to provide a complete mesh of the tile instead of using HeightmapTerrainData (since it doesn’t provide normals information). QuantizedMeshTerrainData seems to be a bit overly complicated for what I need to do.
Thanks for taking the time to answer to my question !
Jérémiah D.

Hi Jérémiah,

Thank you for the clarification. We will continue to investigate!