Changing geolocation does nothing

I have ensured that the 3d tile set it using the geolocation actor, yet nothing happens when I change the longitude and latitude.

Any help would be appreciated. Changing the values in geo reference doesn’t get me away from Denver

Can you please give us more detail so we can troubleshoot the problem?

  • Walk us through step-by-step how you created your scene and created a Cesium3DTileset.
  • Did you manually set the “Georeference” property on the Cesium3DTileset? If so, what happens if you clear it?
  • It would help to have screenshots of your world outliner and your Cesium3DTileset’s details panel.
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Thanks for the reply. Geo location does work in another project, but I need to figure out why not in this one. I can’t migrate everything over each time this might pop up.





Really appreciate your help!

It doesnt matter if I manually load/clear the georeference in tile set

Hi @Manc_Dan,

Judging from the user interface, I believe you are using an older version of Cesium for Unreal. Cesium for Unreal v2.0.0 includes some georeference updates that may address this bug. Can you try upgrading?

If you’re worried about converting to a new major version, you can always make a backup of your project before upgrading.