How to move 3dtiles

I loaded a 3dtiles in the scene with a slight deviation in position. How can I move it to the specified latitude and longitude position? I tried the SetActorLocation and GlobeAnchorComponent ->MoveToLongitudeLatitude methods, but they did not achieve the desired results

MoveToLongitudeLatitude is the way to do it. In what way was it not the desired result? Don’t forget that Longitude is first.

I added a globeanchor component to the 3dtileset object, and then called the moveto method, but it did not move to the longitude and latitude position I gave

This way of writing, it is said that the position will not change. In fact, its position has changed

Sorry, I missed in your initial question that you’re trying to move a Cesium3DTileset. A Cesium3DTileset is not meant to have a CesiumGlobeAnchor attached to it. It is (usually) inherently georeferenced. There’s not any simple/automatic way to adjust a georeferenced tileset’s position like this. If the tileset is hosted on Cesium ion, you can use Cesium ion’s web UI to adjust the tileset’s location, and then Cesium for Unreal will honor that.

By the way, I can see by the “Inaccurate” in your screenshot that you’re using a very old version of Cesium for Unreal with UE4. We recommend upgrading to UE5.x and the latest version of Cesium for Unreal as soon as you can.