Clarification on Cesium ion and access token

Hi all,

Apologies if this has been asked, but I didn't see it if so. I've recently been testing v1.47 of CesiumJS and am seeing the access token warning:

This application is using Cesium's default ion access token. Please assign Cesium.Ion.defaultAccessToken with an access token from your ion account before making any Cesium API calls. You can sign up for a free ion account at

As I understand, the access token is for using ion. I don't believe I am currently using any ion assets in my app and the access token warning shows when I just use OSM tiles and 3D-tiles hosted by myself. Is this expected behaviour? If I just continue to use CesiumJS can I legitimately manually remove this? Or should it be disappearing on its own? Or do I just register for a Community plan and then not use any ion assets?

Cesium ion is also used by default in the geocoder. If you want to suppress the warning, you can either disable the geocoder, if you’re not using it, or configure it to use a different GeocoderService.

Thanks for the reply. The message still appears when I disable the geocoder though. Here is a minimal sandcastle example:

You’re still getting the Ion message because you’re adding OSM on top of the Bing Maps base layer, rather than replacing it. This seems to work:

Ah, I see. Yes that has indeed fixed it. Thanks both!