clippingPlanes note work anymore in version 1.52 for load 3dtiles from contextcapture,work in 1.48

when ceium update to 1.52,the clippingPlanes can’t clip the 3dtiles build by bently contextcapture any more .

In 1.48 the code work right,the display look like this,it used four ClippingPlane to clip a region.

when I Just use the cesium.js in version 1.52,not change any thing else the clip can’t work any more,the disply looks like this

but the clippingPlanes in 1.52 can work in load 3dtiles provided by cesium like,

**I checked the difference ****between **the json file build by bently contextcapture and the json by cesium,the contentcapture’s json file version is 0.0 , the cesium provider is 1.0,

Is this the problem?

I don,t think the cesium want to lost support for clip ability on the 3dtiles build by bently contextcapture,how can I fix the problem?

Can you post the code you’re using to create and position the clipping planes?

This was something I changed in version 1.50:

To always make the clipping plane relative to the object it’s clipping. So if you’re manually setting the model matrix of the clipping plane then you should remove that and it’ll work.

thanky you very much!

you are right ,I have manually setting the model matrix of the clipping plane,when I remove it ,the code work,

Have you default set the the cliping plane relative to the center of the 3dtile’s bondingshpere? if that I need to count the cliping plane’ s distance based on the center of boundingshpere ,not to the center of the clip lines

在 2018年12月6日星期四 UTC+8上午12:50:00,Omar Shehata写道:

I’m glad that worked!

It actually just uses the 3D Tile’s root transform to position the origin of the clipping planes. If the root transform isn’t defined it uses the bounding sphere center and guesses an orientation based on the east-north-up frame of reference. Here it is in the source code: