Cloud-based hosting

Good morning,
I work for a public administration in Switzerland, and we are studying the possibility of using Cesium Ion to create our 3D platform.
As a public administration, we are very attentive to data security.
So, I would like to have information of where and how data is stored in Cesium Ion. If you can send me a document that addresses the issue, so I can forward it to my management, that would be great.
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The data is permanently stored in the United States and Japan, however it may be cached in other location depending on access patterns. We recently expanded to Japan to improve performance and may expand to other regions in the future.

Would you be able to share what your data storage requirements are? That will help us plan for future functionality related to this in our products.

We also offer self hosted solutions as well where everything runs on infrastructure you provide so you have full control of the data. Is that something that your organization would be interested in?

Thank you for your reply.

So I find it difficult to give data storage volumes, because we are at the very beginning of our study for the creation of a digital twin of the City of Lausanne. There would be data from 3D Mesh, Photogrammetry 1.5cm/px. Territorial development data (plots, allocations, transport lines, etc.).

As an example, you can look at the platform of the City of Strasbourg
It is this idea of a platform.

So actually the solution of self-hosting in our infrastructure will be the best solution. And if not, is it possible to migrate to Microsoft Azure in Europe?

Hello @Ramirez8052

We will reach out to you directly with some options for on-premise solutions.

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